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A Mother’s Letter of Thanks

October 19, 2010

We often get requests to send care packages out to our deployed troops. Most of our requests come from a spouse or a parent. Some requests come from friends and co-workers, and we often get requests right from our troops.  Many will happen upon our website and submit the name of a friend in their unit who is not receiving any mail.

Requests are often accompanied with information about the soldier, and we have the privilege of knowing a little bit about the one who will receive our box.   We send boxes out monthly, so for the year “our soldier” is deployed, we might send him 10-12 boxes.  Each time we write out the customs form, type up the label, email the family member who referred him to get updates on his status, take a look at his photo on our “Hero Wall”, and pray for his safety, we get more attached to him and his buddies who are fighting for our freedom.

We will never be the biggest nonprofit out there.  If we were, we wouldn’t be able to keep it personal.  We don’t just have a list of names that get slapped on the top of a box every month.  We have a commitment to take care of our soldiers deployed in harm’s way and a commitment to support their families who anxiously wait on this side of deployment.  Receiving letters such as this one tell us we must be making a difference.


A Few Faces from the Front

October 18, 2010

Being the middle man between the home front and the front line is a blessing and a privilege.  We have sent out packages to thousands of deployed troops from thousands of appreciate Americans. View our video and take a glimpse at just a few of the faces of those who have received our packages and their family members who are so very grateful that we are taking care of their loved ones during deployment. Read more…

Big Things Come in Small Packages

October 8, 2010

The words of Sgt McCoy speak for our troops currently deployed today.  “Throughout history, soldiers like us have not been able to accomplish our missions without the support of family and friends at home.” Read more…

The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

October 1, 2010

It’s just after 6:00 AM on Christmas morning and for some strange reason, my kids have already dragged themselves out of bed.  It’s four to six hours earlier than these boys would wake up on any other day off from school.  I immediately realize that I didn’t plan very well when I stayed up until the wee hours the night before. I was sure that I would get to sleep in because teenagers don’t get up early to see what Santa brings, or so I thought. Read more…

The Best Part of the Package

September 29, 2010

Ever wonder what the best part of a care package might be?  It’s not the personal care items, though I’ve heard a soldier can get pumped about receiving some eye drops and a package of baby wipes.  It’s not the socks or the snack bars either.  It’s not even the drink mix, though I’ve been told by more than one soldier that drink mix is like “gold” as one can get pretty tired of just drinking water. Read more…

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