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CALL to ACTION! Turn something little into something really big!

November 6, 2010

Military MIssions is trying to get donation drop off boxes set up around Central Kentucky.  If you have any connections to places where we could put out a box. (local business, church, office, school, neighborhood clubhouse, etc) please ask permission as soon as possible.  We can provide a box which would be wrapped in Christmas paper and placed at their location.  They are welcome to decorate their own box or stick their own barrel out if they prefer.  We can also supply the sign for the box and the care package suggestion list.

Please consider asking local retailers with whom you have a connection.  It can be any type of business willing to put a box out.  They can pick items they sell in their store which we could use in the packages.  Customers could make purchases from the retailer and the business would benefit as well.  We just stood outside of Sam’s last weekend and received $6000 worth of donations.  Sam’s Club sold $6000 worth of merchandise because we stood outside their doors asking for support!

We have a gentleman who is willing to go around and pick up items as the donation boxes fill up.  We would have these boxes out through November and December.  Any donations collected after we mail the Christmas care packages can be used for the boxes we will mail out in January.

Should you be able to arrange a new location for a donation box, please send the following information to today!

Your name:
Your email:
Your phone:
Location where box will be located:

Point of contact (POC) on the premises with the donation box:
POC phone number:
POC email address:
Days and hours that items can be dropped off at that location:

Thank you for taking the time to help us out with this little project.  If we all do a little, it could turn into something really big!


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